me © Tomohiro Noritsune / PiL Official Ltd
Over 20 years experience in print and digital design covering everything from real estate branding to national publications and international music releases.  
On a freelance basis I have also acted as creative consultant and/or art direction on a number of high-profile projects for companies such as Universal Music Group, Live Nation, Virgin EMI, Bravado International, Warner Music Group, and Simon & Schuster. 
Since 2004 I have built and edited the official websites and social media for John Lydon (Johnny Rotten), Public Image Ltd (PiL) and Sex Pistols. I also assist management on record label and tour administration, along with PR, archive research and art direction.
From starting my own cut and paste fanzine. To a national newspaper. To working with my favourite band. To Thailand. It's been quite the design journey and there’s a lot more still to come…